How to Steal a Woman

How do you entice the taken lady? It’s a challenge, but just because she isn’t shopping doesn’t mean she won’t make the occasional impulse buy.

Some women are in relationships for love, and some are in it for comfort and stability. This latter group is rife with settlers, and it’s these unhappy-to-moderately-content women who are often window shopping.

If she’s giving you the eye, or the flirtatious smile, there’s a good chance she’s an unhappy settler. But it’s a delicate dance. This isn’t the time to do the old push-and-pull, acting like a jerk to intrigue her. Don’t forget: She’s got somebody to go home to.

Your approach must be subtle. You don’t want to make a hard sales pitch here; you simply want to make her aware of the available options on the market. You’re there to help her find what she really wants, not to wreck homes.

Kill her with kindness: Win her over by mentioning, in passing, the ice cream date you had with your niece. Show vulnerability: Tell her your ex broke your heart. Listen to her. Tell her she deserves the best. And importantly, isolate her: It’s likely she’ll be with girlfriends.

Convince her that you’re a white knight, and the deficiencies of her current lover will be evident. Gauge her carefully: If the moment for immediate plunder doesn’t present itself, give her your number. Then, let her initiate: It will minimize the chances of post-dalliance regret. Because at the end of the day, you’re a good guy. Right?

Image courtesy of s0mmie.

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