Keeping Her Happy #723

In order to keep a new (and old) relationship thriving, a man must do certain things. Buy her diamonds, and dinner. Massage her feet three times a day. I’m kidding! Seriously, you think that’s what it takes? That’s nothing.

What it really takes is seeing her. That’s right, seeing her. Not, noticing her beautiful hair and lovely eyes, or that she’s the funniest thing since Louis C.K., but actually letting her know you’re noticing those qualities and that you have certain feelings about them. There’s no shame in admitting that you appreciate how awesome she is, and there’s no limit on compliments (nor do they have to stop once you pass the initial courtship stages).

Perhaps this is a no-brainer for most of you. Still, for the inarticulate who require a Cyrano in the minefield of woman wooing, here are five simple compliments that always work.

“You’re the [smartest, sexiest, funniest, prettiest] girl I know.” “You have beautiful [insert eyes, hair, face, mouth, breasts, thighs, etc.].”
I know, I know, it’s hard to say out loud the first time, but try it — it won’t make any of your parts shrivel up. You can be raunchy, too; why not? (Actually, here’s why: Hold off on raunchiness if you’re not completely convinced she’s open to it.) The only outcomes here are positive: she beams at you, her self-esteem swells up, she loves you even more.

“I love it when you [kiss me this way, smile, dance, tell me jokes, get so passionate about politics].”
Depending on what it is you actually love about her, this one works when the delivery is right. Like, the part about being passionate about politics may backfire if you’re having a giggle while doing it. Also, if you don’t mean it, don’t say it.

“You’re the only one who [makes me truly happy, excites me, understands me].”
This one can come across as a little whiny if said in the wrong tone of voice at the wrong time — for example, don’t shout it when she’s about to slam the door in your face — but if it’s a pillow-talk situation, it’s sweet and intimate. Girls dig that.

Simply, compliment her in front of others.
The only caveat here is not to make it sound like her beautiful eyes or clever jokes or phD are any of your doing. Don’t say something idiotic, like, “Isn’t she cute? I know how to pick them” — unless you two really share that type of repartee (you know: you play the sexist jerk and she the dumb blow-up doll).

Be spontaneous.
Write notes, emails, texts letting her know how much you appreciate her. Just one line like, “I’m doing dishes and thinking of how [bleep]ing amazing you are” can truly make a girl’s day (because of the dishes part… no, I’m joking!).

What’s in it for you? Well, she’ll probably compliment you back, making you feel like a million bucks in turn. And then you will [bleep].

Image courtesy of moneboh.

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