Make the Most of Your Tiny Condo

Making a humble condo feel like a palace is among the great challenges of urban living. We asked design expert Glen Peloso, who appears on television shows including “Restaurant Makeover” and “Take This House and Sell It,” for some tips.

1. Use the wall spacenot the floor space. Instead of big pieces of furniture that take up floor space, opt for tall cabinets with doors. If you are neat, and have cool stuff to show off, you can even go for glass doors.

2. Cover a wall with mirrors. Reflective surfaces will open up the space. Using a bunch of small mirrors, all in different frames will look cool and make the room feel bigger.

3. Invest in one expensive piece. The stuff around it can be hand-me-downs as long as you make one good piece, like a couch, the focus. (Your TV doesn’t count!)

4. Buy a bed frame. Even something from Ikea will do. A mattress on the floor is just not the way to encourage overnight guests. Add some nice linens from Winners into the mix, and you’re set!

5. Get good lighting. Track lighting is a relatively inexpensive way to draw focus to the things you want your guests to see – like your nicest pieces of art or furniture – and away from things you don’t.

6. Ditch the carpet. If you can afford it, change the floor to engineered hardwood or at least laminate. New flooring’s a low-maintenance way to keep your place looking clean.

Image courtesy of edmittance.

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