Michael Bastian’s Guide to Effortless Style

It may seem odd coming from the vaunted champion of classic American menswear, but designer Michael Bastian would like to see the word “preppy” retired. Style, he says, isn’t about playing Ivy League dress-up. It’s about looking like you’re not trying at all.

Fresh off the launch of his new lacrosse-inspired collaboration with Gant, Bastian shares his easy-does-it philosophy to dressing well.

Never look like you’re trying.
“When you leave your apartment or house in the morning, it should look like you spent no time obsessing about your style.”

Keep learning.
“In America, kids play baseball on weekends. In Italy, they go with their dad to the tailor. They grow up knowing exactly how a suit should fit. This is something you have to learn on your own, and it takes time.”

You are a work-in-progress.
“The older you get, the more defined your style becomes, and the less clothes you need. It becomes a game of finding the most perfect version of a thing you love most.”

Invest in timeless staples.
“I like to think a guy can still be wearing the same pair of pants for ten years. He’s going to slowly realize how good they are.”

Try before you buy.
“You have to put it on to realize the tricks, that the lining [of the blazer] is a shirting lining, and the buttons are real horn or real pearl.”

The man makes the clothes.
“It’s a weird thing coming from a designer, but you want to see the guy – not the clothes.”

For pictures of Michal Bastian’s collection for Gant, visit GQ.

Image courtesy of Gant.


2 thoughts on “Michael Bastian’s Guide to Effortless Style”

  1. Good concise advice from a pro.

    It is easy for guys to get carried away with a style statement, i.e. trying too hard as Mr. Bastian mentions above.

    Get a second opinion, and not from the retail store associate unless you and he are old friends and you can trust him.

    Thing about guys is, unlike women, we do not care to shop together in pairs. So this is often difficult.

    What about hiring a guy to give your appearance a makeover?

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