Michael Bastian’s Guide to Effortless Style

It may seem odd coming from the vaunted champion of classic American menswear, but designer Michael Bastian would like to see the word “preppy” retired. Style, he says, isn’t about playing Ivy League dress-up. It’s about looking like you’re not trying at all. Fresh off the launch of his new … Read More

Enter the Vodka Lab

Every gentleman inevitably confronts the same question during their drinking career: Is premium vodka worth the premium price? In the noble pursuit of pseudo-science, your trusty experimenter sweet-talked seven friends – vodka enthusiasts, but hardly connoisseurs – into a blind taste test. With safety goggles in place, we put our … Read More

Poll Results, by the Numbers: Does Marriage Matter?

How important is getting married to you? Blue: Very important Orange: Somewhat important Purple: Not important Would you want your wife to take your last name after you get married? Orange: Yes Blue: No Purple: It’s not important In the right circumstances, would you be a stay-at-home dad? Orange: Yes … Read More

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