More Dangerous Than a Mine Field

Given a choice between buying your lady lingerie and attempting to pick your way through an active mine field, I’d go with option two: far less dangerous.

However, if brave enough, and armed with the proper intelligence, not only can you conquer your fear of women’s underthing shopping, you can become one of those guys who knows how to buy a woman lingerie. And that, my dear soldier, will earn you a lot more than a medal.

Rule 1: Anything crotchless, buttless or edible does not qualify as lingerie.

Rule 2: Remember, it’s what makes her feel sexy that counts, not what makes you horny. And if she’s not feeling it, you’re not going to get to enjoy it either.

Rule 3: Just because it looks hot on the Victoria’s Secret model, doesn’t mean it’ll look hot on her.

Rule 4: Shell out for the good stuff. This is crucial: women have an eye for quality. They already have cheap underwear; you’re getting them something they’re not going to buy themselves.

Rule 5: Lingerie isn’t all thongs and push-up bras. Sexy camisoles, long satin negligees or a sexy bustier can make even the most self-conscious woman feel like a sex goddess. Just make sure whatever you get is well designed and well made.

Rule 6: Go to a specialty shop where they know their stuff. And don’t be afraid to consult with the female staff. Describe your lady’s height, weight and colouring – and take their advice.

If you’re still nervous, take your gal on a “lingerie date,” where you go to the store together and pick out something you both like, she gets fitted properly, and you pay for it. This way, you get avoid the “weird guy in the underwear store” factor, your gal gets gitch that fit, and, well, you both get to go home and take it for a test drive. Win-win.

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