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How Do Canadians Stack Up In Sex Toy Searches?

Europeans really enjoy sex toys. Sweden, Denmark and Greenland top the Sex Toy World Rankings, surprisingly trumping stereotypically sexually progressive places such as Germany, Japan, Brazil and France. UK-based voucher website Vouchercloud examined 18 popular online sex toy search terms, including common words such as “dildos” and “vibrators” and more … Read More

Top 10 Deadly V-Day Gifts

Knowing what she wants is tough. Let’s start with what she doesn’t. 1. Nothing Some think they’re better off because they’re always wrong, anyway. This is probably the worst thing you can do. 2. Self-improvement books, videos, fitness-related anything. She knows she’s not perfect, but she wants to believe that … Read More

What We Want for Father’s Day

Whether he’s strong and silent like the Marlborough Man or suave and sophisticated like Carey Grant, all any guy needs is to know is he’s appreciated.  What he wants, well, that’s another matter. Here’s some Father’s Day gift ideas that would bring a smile to our face. Click to enlarge [nggallery … Read More

Montreal: Last-Minute Valentine’s

We realize it’s difficult to buy original, sentimental, and all the while loving gifts to celebrate St-Valentin. Such tokens must express not just thoughtfulness, but also, somehow, a meaningful statement about your relationship. No pressure. Plus, let’s not kid ourselves: We are men, and we are busy. DailyXY has Montreal … Read More

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