Montreal’s Best Vegetarin Restaurants

If you don’t want pork on your fork, your wish is no fish, and you’ve got beef with beef – if you’re a vegetarian – eating out can be disheartening, munching on salad and fries while your companions feast on steak and caviar. Even for regular omnivores looking for a break from burgers, nothing hits the spot like a top-notch veggie resto.

Aux Vivres
Vegan and veggie-friendly (and a Leonard Cohen favourite), this restaurant makes no bones about its creative vegetarian bent, from its mains (like a coconut-based BLT, or the Asian-flavoured Dragon Bowl) to its delicious desserts. Be warned: The service here is as chilled out as the general vibe; avoid it if you’re in a rush. 4631 St-Laurent Blvd., (514) 842-3479.

Chu Chai

This all-veggie Thai restaurant employs many subtle and delicious flesh substitutes, so you can order “chicken,” “beef,” or “shrimp” dishes. Peanut “chicken” with crispy spinach is a favourite. 4088 St-Denis St., (514) 843-4194.

Le Commensal
This never-miss veggie chain is buffet style, and you actually pay by the gram – your tray is weighed at the cash register. An endless array of healthy options gives new meaning to “watch your weight.” Locations around downtown and Laval; see for details.

Lola Rosa
This cozy little spot in the heart of the “McGill Ghetto” is, not surprisingly, popular with college kids. Veggie comfort food – chili, burritos, burgers – is the café’s specialty, and a new line of healthy, hearty baked goods is not to be missed. 545 Milton St., (514) 287-9337.

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