No Excuses

Nothing pisses me off more that people who complain about the way they look or feel and claim that they just don’t have the time to exercise because their day is just too busy. That’s bullshit.

If you fail to plan you are planning to fail…plain and simple. Book your workouts in your calendar and think of it as an appointment that can’t be cancelled. If it’s in your calendar you can’t cancel it no matter what…don’t use the excuse that you couldn’t leave what you were doing and missed the workout. If you had a meeting with your boss booked in your calendar I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t bail on him because you couldn’t leave what you were doing. Give your workouts the same priority.

You can’t complain about the way you look and feel if you aren’t making the effort.

When I start training a client, I let them know that the only time they can cancel a session is if they are sick, and I require a doctor’s note. If you are not sick enough to stay home from work, you aren’t sick enough to cancel your training session. If they cancel for any other reason, they are still charged for the session.  If someone wants to train with me, it’s because they have certain goals they want to accomplish and it’s my job to help them achieve those goals. If they aren’t taking our sessions seriously than we are both just wasting our time. If a client cancels three times for reasons other than medical, I fire them. That’s the kind of commitment I expect from my clients and that’s the kind of commitment you should take towards your health and fitness.

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