No Jacket Required

If the shirt fits… Well, there should be no “if.” Far too many men walk around in loosely tucked, baggy shirts that sloppily overhang their pant waists. Why? Because they don’t know how to get the right fit or they don’t care. You should care. Take the time to get your measurements done right, especially now that fitted shirts are back in. You’ll look oh-so-much smarter and people might think you’ve gotten a raise. If you really want to go the distance, surprise everyone with a three-piece summer suit, which establishes that more formal look even with the jacket off.

Still, it all starts with the right shirt. This season, opt for bold and solid colours, basic gingham checks or classic stripes. Here are three great dress shirts options.

Raspberry tonal dress shirt (Boss Black)
Lose your adversity to pink. In the ’30s it was a boy’s colour and even Ronald Reagan’s mother dressed him in it. Boss Black’s tonal shirt is so-called for its subtle changes in tone and a great fit by the Boss Black label. $175.

Brilliant gingham shirt (Duchamp)
Here’s a slim fit with a single cuff that looks great, even if you’re used to your baggy tuck. The 100% Italian cloth cotton nails this classic print. You could add a bow tie to shake things up. £95.

Blue Oxford dress shirt (Eton)
Renowned Swedish brand Eton adds subtle style to the ubiquitous blue Oxford. This shirt has a button down spread collar, adjustable button cuffs and, to really tie the room together, it comes with a matching pocket square. $265.

With every good shirt, you need a good tie. A little mixing and matching is allowed. Offset the square lines of the classic patterned shirts mentioned above with organic lines of floral or paisley. When you’re assembling patterned ties with solid or patterned shirts, be sure you have at least one colour on the tie in common with the dress shirt you’re wearing.

If you have separation anxiety from the paisley shirt you’ve retired for the season, soften the blow with the Canali Paisley tie; 100% silk, 9 cm wide. $140.

Alternating mini dots in the Eton Blue Dot tie bring a contemporary feel to the classic look of the above-listed Eton Blue Oxford shirt; 100% silk, 8 cm wide. $125.

If you fancy floral with your solid shirt, or if you prefer a more risqué look, pair this Paul Smith Silk Floral tie with a gingham or striped patterned dress shirt. $110.

Image courtesy of Kevin N. Murphy.


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  1. Paisley never was and never will be a pattern I would be caught dead in. Nothing cheapens a nice shirt and suit combination more quickly than a horrendous paisley tie.

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