Simple and Efficient: The Chevrolet Aveo5 LT

There’s a lot to be said for simplicity. Not all of us have a lot of spare cash to throw around. Some of us are humble bloggers.

The Chevrolet Aveo5 LT is an efficient compact that’s fun to drive. It’s simple, so there’s little to go wrong with it. In fact it comes with a fairly comprehensive three-year warranty and a five-year Powertrain warranty, complete with roadside assistance. Though who knows where GM or any of us will be in five years?

Design: Less is More
The Aveo5 is a smart alternative for tootling about the city. It’s small, not quite 4m long. Parking and reversing are simpler because the back window is your rear and a tight turning circle heightens your agility.

A sporty look on the outside gives the Aveo a bit of flair. It’s certainly not ashamed to stand out – declaring that what you see is what you get – starting with what may be the yellowest paint job on the road. Inside the instrument cluster and seats are decidedly Spartan, no flair here at all. The seats fold down, finding space in its limited cargo capacity.

Small Engine: Light on Fuel – and Speed
Something this size puts you right in the drive. So save an extra $1,050 and go with the standard transmission instead of the automatic upgrade. You’ll want it to wring the most out of those 106 horses. (If you do buy the transmission upgrade, you’ll still want the low gears on steep hills.) The engine’s a 1.6L four-banger, so passing in traffic requires planning.

On the other hand, an engine this small is fairly easy on fuel: 5.7L/100km on the highway and 7.9 in the city.

No-Charge Extras
For the price you get some decent comforts with the Aveo5 LT. The sunroof brightens its gray interior. Power heated exterior mirrors were a boon (we tested it last winter) and no doubt the included AC would be welcome in summer. Remote keyless entry is also something you wouldn’t necessarily expect for the money.

Not directly. Your girlfriend might think it’s cute but the Aveo5 is no aphrodisiac on wheels. But at this price, save the money and spend it on dates.

Base Price: $15,770
As Tested: $18,040

*Will it get you laid?


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  1. We have the “cousin”, and almost a twin to this car, the Pontiac Wave. Although a few years older, it my favorite. It’s a head turner because of it’s fire engine red color and superb show room polish. I use Amsoil synthetic lubricant product options ( and have experienced excellent gas mileage and don’t need the annoying three month oil changes.

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