Smoke Signals

Today I’m going to give you the scoop on how you’ll know when you’ve caught our attention. You already know we’re more subtle in the signals we send to indicate our interest in the opposite sex, but do you know what those signals are?

The Second Look: Let’s say you have made eye contact with someone you find interesting. She looks you straight in the eye, the corner of her mouth turning into a smile. She looks away for a moment as the smile forms, and then briefly re-engages in “eye lock” with you again before turning her attention to something else. That second look is a loud and clear invitation to get your ass over there and introduce yourself. No attractive woman makes that all important second look with any guy with whom she’s not interested in talking. After all, it’s a high stakes game for her: making random visual contact with guys in a social setting is, for her, like wearing a steak shawl in front of a pack of hungry lions.

The Graze: Her body language will indicate how into you she is. If she touches you in any way while you’re talking, there’s a good chance you’re in. It can be anything from a gentle squeeze of your arm as she exclaims “that’s amazing” to your story of a recent expedition to Everest, to a playful tap on the chest in response to your endless supply of witticisms.

The “You’re the Funniest Guy Since Stephen Harper” Laugh: Speaking of jokes, if all of a sudden you’re getting more laughs than Borat at a bar mitzvah, it can be another sign she’s into you. (The effectiveness of humor is well known, just check Lavalife. Practically every other woman there is looking for a guy who makes me laugh.)

The Lean Forward: If she’s leaning in and her shoulders are pointed towards you, this change in physical space indicates interest. She wants to hear what you have to say and catch your scent. And she’s looking into your eyes to gauge your own level of interest. If she starts talking about relationships or sex, the game is on.

Finally, understand that if you receive any of these signals it will never be because you’re wearing Axe.

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