The Girl on Girl Dance

Any guy (XY) who has ever been to a nightclub has certainly witnessed the spectacle of two girls (XX) getting dirty on the dance floor. Let’s call it The 4X Dance. Two women grinding on each other, getting in touch with their (alleged) inner lesbian. Titillating, perhaps scandalous, this is the stuff male fantasies are made of. But are they actually acting on attraction, or are they simply performers looking for an audience?

Sadly, guys, it’s the latter, and they’re not even really trying to meet you. At the end of the night, they will talk about you, about how many guys hit on them, and what losers they were. The poor unsuspecting guys who did venture to talk to them were shot down. Then the performers go home with no more than a hug before parting, thus terminating the fantasy of the 4X dance being the precursor to the horizontal 5X-and-a-Y mambo.

The 4X dance is generally performed with the expectation that the performers will draw your attention from the competition, i.e., the attractive women who don’t have to resort to feigned same-sex attraction to get your attention.

Girl-on-girl dancers generally fall into a few categories. Often, they’re young. These ones don’t yet know that being mysterious, flirting with a glance and a smile is far more interesting and sexy than displaying themselves like a sideshow attraction.

Some find themselves resorting to the 4X dance because they’re actually not that hot. What better way to elevate their personal heat factor than to add another woman?

Then there are those who are trying to make their boyfriends jealous. They’ll also be the ones walking hand in hand with their “girlfriend”, making eye contact and holding the gaze of any guy in eye-lock range. They like to do this is full view of their boyfriends.

So guys, when you see the 4X dance, indulge the dancers with your attention, elbow your buddies if you like, but save your best opening line. Deliver it to the attractive one you’ve made eye contact with on the other side of the dance floor. She’ll be watching the 4X dance with an amused (and knowing) smile.

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