More Creative Dates

How difficult could it be? Grab a movie, go out for dinner, yawn, go out for brunch, yawn, grab a movie, go out for, yawn, dinner, yawn, go for a, yawn, walk. It’s a blessing that God invented booze because some couples would just die from terminal boredom. Here’s another installment in our series on what you can do instead of drinking your face off (or facing another, yawn, brunch).

Dollarama: Each of you gets a crisp $10 bill to spend at Dollarama. You mission is to buy your date 10 interesting and fun items (that tenspot will buy you 10 items, hence the store’s name). You’ll be amazed at the selection of unusual and useful stuff. The Dollarama on an unsavoury stretch of Queen in Parkdale, for example, happens to have a vast selection of toy guns.

The Maze: Take your woman to the cathedral of money, the BCE place, and choose to accept your mission: the Bay. Descend underground to begin your challenging journey through the path of merchandise and food courts. There will be maps, shoe shiners and guards to help you along. If you get lost, take the stairs to go up, but that means the game is over and you haven’t proven your urban prowess to her.

Extreme Play House: Real estate agents report there’s a trend among young couples to visit open-houses with no intention of buying. This is like grownups playing house – and you can learn about each other’s tastes in water faucets, flooring and neighbourhoods.

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