So, You’re Going Bald

It begins with a few extra hairs in the comb or a couple more clumps in the drain. Before you know it, you’ve got a meagre horseshoe of hair and the responsibility of massaging sunscreen into your scalp.

The good news? You’re not alone. We spoke to Dr. John Dempster N.D. of The Dempster Clinic to see how he approaches hair loss using innovative, natural therapies.

Why Me?!
Short answer: nobody knows. Long answer: some combination of genetics, hormones and environmental stress can all trigger hair loss in susceptible individuals. The whole mother’s father thing is (mostly) a myth, with genetic tendencies inherited from both parents. Reducing environmental stressors on sensitive tissues such as the adrenal glands can go a long way to mitigating hair loss.

Am I Doomed?
No. While there’s no miracle re-growth formula, thinning can be delayed through a variety of treatments. Despite “genetics” often feeling like an inescapable life-sentence, genetic patterns can be changed. Nutrients and detoxifying can ease thinning caused by an imbalance between the hormones testosterone and dihydro-testosterone. Plant medicines like saw palmetto and horsetail, and minerals such as biotin (vitamin B) and silica can be just as effective as riskier synthetic supplements, especially when administered intravenously.

“Anything we want to get into your hair follicles, we want to get into your blood.” Vitamin and nutrient infusions can combat malabsorption caused by medications and other conditions, ensuring maximum effect.

Dempster is wary of popping pills. “The skin is the largest organ of your body,” he cautions. “Yeah, it might grow hair, but what’s the fallout?”

Bald Is Sexy
Still feeling down? Science suggests that bald men are inherently more respected, as baldness is associated with social maturity. A quick Google image search yields thousands of photos of whichever celeb-of-the-month is currently experiencing a flight of folicles. While you can take some solace in the fact that your mug isn’t being plastered on gossip sites, you should garner even more confidence from seeing other dudes take it in stride.Whether you’re a monarch, Mallrat or just ridiculously good-looking, losing hair doesn’t mean you have to lose your swag.

As a final word of advice, Dr. Dempster encourages men to “be proactive. Take health into your hands and find the appropriate professionals.” There are lots of guys eager to help.

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  1. I’ve been going to The Dempster Clinic once a month for the past year to receive a Vitamin IV.  Afterwards, my hair is one of the first places I notice the difference.  It genuinely seems thicker and fuller (not to mention the dark circles under my eyes are almost immediately erased among other positive effects).  I’m a believer.

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