How to Travel with Your Girlfriend

You’ve heard stories. A new-ish couple goes on their first trip together and returns with newly activated eHarmony accounts. Though seemingly counter-intuitive, a “romantic” getaway can suck bliss from a honeymoon phase faster than you can say “border control.”

Before indulging fantasies of five-star, international sex-athons sprinkled with trips to the beach/museum/watering hole, heed the following:

Talk It Out
Have a frank chat about your respective expectations. Is the trip meant to be an adventure? A sit-on-your-ass vacation? Make sure you’re on a similar page, with no-holds-barred when discussing individual travel styles (i.e. decadent vs. dirty) and interests. If she’s a museum junkie and you’re a beach bum, you’ve got a problem. Assuming goals are not wildly different, plan a rough itinerary and try to compromise. Otherwise, nobody’s getting laid.

Respect Logistics
Annoying unless you’re a militant civil engineer, but working out the nitty-gritty of where we’re going/how we’re getting there/how much should we budget before taking off will make being there far more enjoyable. Co-researching train schedules is far from the height of ecstasy, but will pay off in your vacation universe.

Be Separable
Spending way more time together (read: 24/7) than you do in normal life can be stressful. You will invariably get sick of each other. Once this strikes, get perspective. Acknowledge that the constant close proximity would make anyone get on each other’s nerves. Try not to take her shortness personally. Take breaks. Even minimal time apart goes a long way.

Accept Your Urges
There’s something inherently sexy about traveling — unless it’s to a family reunion (shudder). The anonymity of a foreign place throws a sensual sheen on every interaction. Hot girls with accents? Hotter.

Associate bachelor trips with unfettered impulsiveness and random hookups? Take heart knowing that, if you’re experiencing pangs of guilt, she’s probably feeling the same. (Take your eyes off the local ladies and she’s probably sizing up the boys) Accept that you’re both checking people out. If you’re lucky — and cool — enough to be open, laugh about it. If you’re even luckier, consider a what-happens-in-wherever-stays-in-wherever sex adventure.

Just remember: no glove, no love. Also, emotional consequences, blah, blah, blah.

Image courtesy of luca.sartoni

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