Sponsored: The Case Against Beards

Beards—who needs ‘em? Hippies, hipsters, and weird old guys who spend all their time talking about moustache wax. Take my advice: keep it smooth.

Plenty of Women Like a Smooth Face

What counts as plenty? 46% of women polled by Philips in a recent survey .  However, an equal percentage said they liked beards.  We’re guessing the remaining 8% just won’t be impressed either way.

We’re Reaching Peak Beard

As bearded faces become more common, they become less popular. We’re just getting a jump start on the inevitable rise of a clean-shaven mug.

Just Say No to a Face Ecosystem

Who needs icicles growing off your face in the winter and a personal cheek sauna in the summer?

Shaving is Our Zen

Some people do yoga. Some people meditate. Some people count to ten. Hey, whatever works for you—but when we need a little peace with the world, we shave.

You Won’t Look Like a Wild Man

Pick up your Philips Click & Style ($60) and banish any possibility of being mistaken for a castaway who’s made friends with a crudely decorated volleyball.

Many of Our Heroes Are Clean-Shaven

Steve McQueen in Bullitt, Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry—you don’t need scruff to be a badass. Plus there’s James Bond, Sterling Archer, and Jason Bourne. And, in the real world, there’s Patrick Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Samuel L. Jackson. Hey, those guys loom larger in our imaginations than 90% of the people we meet.

This post was sponsored by Philips. The views and opinions expressed in this article, however, are purely my own.

Photo courtesy of Christophe Verdier.

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