Archer Suitcase Turntable

Who says that record players can’t be mobile? Well, you’re not going to take this Archer Suitcase Turntable ($100) jogging or anything, but it does conveniently close into a suitcase, so you can take it wherever, and it has a couple of on-board speakers, so you can play music when … Read More

Conan & Archer

Here’s the best thing about Archer appearing on Conan’s YouTube channel: the video won’t be taken down, unlike pretty much every single other Archer video to temporarily grace the internet. [youtube width=”640″][/youtube]

Sponsored: The Case Against Beards

Beards—who needs ‘em? Hippies, hipsters, and weird old guys who spend all their time talking about moustache wax. Take my advice: keep it smooth. Plenty of Women Like a Smooth Face What counts as plenty? 46% of women polled by Philips in a recent survey .  However, an equal percentage … Read More

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