Sponsored: The Case Against Beards

Beards—who needs ‘em? Hippies, hipsters, and weird old guys who spend all their time talking about moustache wax. Take my advice: keep it smooth. Plenty of Women Like a Smooth Face What counts as plenty? 46% of women polled by Philips in a recent survey .  However, an equal percentage … Read More

The Modern Man’s Weekly 7

Every Monday, DailyXY rounds up the most interesting in-depth articles from around the web.  This Story Stinks – The New York Times People who act like dicks in online comment sections (we’re looking at you, Globe and Mail commenters) don’t just ruin your day. New research shows that they can … Read More

Crazy Casting Calls

Dozens of intangible factors go into creating a blockbuster film. Last-minute script rewrites, budget cuts, expensive sets destroyed by tropical weather, directors being fired or walking off the set — any of these have impacted the biggest box-office disasters (and sometimes, successes) in film history. Above that group, though, is … Read More

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