Style Suggesitons: Stripes Beyond Suits

While most men accept colorful stripes when it comes to their shirts and ties, many still find the idea of the multi-stripe a daunting prospect anywhere else in their wardrobe. Common sense and the works of Rudyard Kipling have taught us that a tiger can’t change his stripes. And you, sir, are no tiger.

When it comes to adding stripes to your everyday outfits, we would never suggest going whole hog and throwing down coin for a rainbow-hued suit — at least, not without picking up a matching pair of clown shoes. No, there are decidedly less drastic options available to more adventurous dressers looking to add a hit of colour to an otherwise boring outfit.

Herewith, a few up-to-the-moment accessories that will have you dressing in a different stripe.

Ray Ban x Brooks Bros. Repp Stripe Wayfarer Sunglasses

A collaboration between the two iconic American menswear labels, these slick shades are equally at home in the boardroom or on the beach. The classic ’80s-retro of Ray Ban’s Wayfarer gets an extra preppy push thanks to the addition of Brooks Brothers’ signature Ivy League “Repp Stripe” on the interior of the temple arms. $168.

Cheeky “Blue Stripes” Umbrella
Summer isn’t always made up of sunny sangria weather. Cheeky Umbrella designer Jen Zurowski learned that hard way after moving from Australia to the chilly, misty climes of North Vancouver. Deceptively conservative (read: black) on the outside, the secret blue-and-teal lining of this umbrella will cheer even the wettest of hearts. $38.

Aldo Palecek Espadrille
If you love this season’s safari-inspired looks but are bored to tears by the washed-out colours on display in the store windows, these bright but rustic slip-ons could be your saving grace. The black canvas upper features bright tribal accents and a bold colour-block stripe across the back panel for a just a hint of Sahara-style colour. $45.

Paul Smith Wallets
The undisputed master of the multi-stripe, Paul Smith’s penchant for colour has transformed menswear (and cars and chairs and boats and rugs), but for many fans, it’s his wallets that truly encapsulate his design ethos. His bright and cheerful embossed leather billfolds are a welcome change from boring black and tan. With one of these in your pocket, reaching for your wallet might become a little less painful. $215 – $280.

Image courtesy of antifluor.

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