Holiday Sweatering for Guys

A bulky, ill-fitting and scratchy affair tarted up with reindeer, snowflakes or sleds, it’s value as Christmas kitsch inversely proportional to its usefulness in a modern world that enjoys central heating. However unwieldy or unwelcome the seasonal sweater may be, it continues to survive through sheer force of tradition, like fruitcake. … Read More

Stylish Superstorm Survival

One of the more exasperating aspects of fall and winter for Wet Coasters is trying to dress for it. Traditional winter clothing is more concerned with conserving heat than standing up to torrential downpours and daily mists. Vancouver guys don’t need fresh-from-the-East-Coast kit like those felt-lined, faux-furred Kodiaks that make … Read More

Skyfall’s Best and Worst Product Tie-Ins

Bond. James Bond. Thanks to his many onscreen incarnations, Ian Fleming’s suave, sophisticated and deadly super-spy is one of the UK’s most kickass cultural ambassadors. Whereas 007’s derring-do is motivated by Queen and country, movie studios have always kept profits squarely in their gunsights. Starting with the very first Bond … Read More

Top Picks from VIFF

The 31st Vancouver International Film Festival opens September 27 and runs to October 12. While it may not have the tabloid-fired star-power of its Toronto cousin, it still offers up some kickass big-screen fare. And, frankly, we count the total lack of a pouty Kristen Stewart as a plus. Let … Read More

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