The Best Cocktail Gadgets

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Classic cocktails and classic bar tools, don’t change much; that’s why they’re classics. But just as a new generation of mixologists has pushed the cocktail into the 21st century, so too have a group of cocktail geeks (and at least one soft rock artist) created new tools and gadgets to spice up classic cocktail techniques. Here, five cocktail accessories you probably don’t need.

1. Digital Beverages MyFountain
Don’t know Tom Collins from Tom Arnold? Have loads of cash? Opt for this sleek touch screen drink dispenser, which automatically mixes cocktails (it grabs recipes from the web, wirelessly) and pours beer and wine. It’ll even track booze quantities, and has the capacity to order new provisions when your Kahlua gets low. US $2,575.

2. MOMA Spherical Ice Tray Set
Any aficionado (or loyal DailyXY reader) knows that good ice is crucial to cocktails. Skip the novelty ice cube trays (though the Gin & Titonic is hilarious) and go for a slow-melting ice sphere with this MOMA Spherical Ice Tray Set. US $16.

3. Moore & Giles Meehan Bar Rollup
This vintage-style compact bag lets you bring your cocktail tools around town, creating mirth wherever you go. US $150.

4. Margaritaville Explorer Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker
Thank you, Jimmy Buffett: This automated drink machine cordlessly shaves ice and blends, so you’ll never be far from Margaritaville. US $300.

5. Mister Mojito Slugger Muddler (pictured above)
Mash up citruses and herbs with this beast of a muddler. Shaped to resemble a baseball bat, its length (14 inches) and heft easily take care of gadabout limes, basil and more. US $22.

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