The Best Apps for Getting in Shape

It seems like everyone is coming out with an app these days. Some are great and useful, some not so much. Here are five free Fitness & Health apps that I checked out, and my thoughts on each. I have rated them on a scale from 1-5 (5 being best).

Dirty Produce: This is an app put out by the EWG (Environmental Working Group). Nothing really fancy about this app, but if you are looking to start eating healthier and introducing organic fruits and vegetables, it’s really convenient to have when you head to the grocery store. This app will quickly tell you which foods are sprayed (you should buy organic) and which conventionally-raised foods are safe to eat.
Rating: 4??.

101 Yoga Poses: Good app for those who like yoga and want to be able to practice stretches at home or while travelling. This app is also good for those who have never tried yoga, but need help stretching. This app would come in handy at the gym after a strenuous workout. 101 Yoga Poses includes a picture of each pose, as well as detailed steps, info and tips on each pose.
Rating: 5

iMapMyRide: Great app to track your cycling workout. It uses GPS technology to track your rides. Start pedaling and it will record all your essential metrics including duration, distance, pace, sped and elevation. It also lets you share your ride with friends and family via Twitter and email. If you are an avid rider or you just want to ride for a cardio workout, this app does the job.
Rating: 5

Run Keeper: This app lets you track your cardiovascular activity. Nothing too fancy about this one. It lets you enter your ‘Activity Type’ (walking, cycling, skiing, etc) and ‘Equip Used’ if any. From there it lets you enter the ‘Duration’ and ‘Distance’ of your activity, and uses this information to calculate ‘Calories.’ ??Again, quite calorie-based which I’m no fan off, and it can’t really be that accurate. It could however be handy for keeping track of your cardio activities and distance if you have a goal in mind (Running 10K in 45 min for example).
Rating: 3.

Body Fitness: Apparently this one is quite good, except I think this version isn’t free. I tried downloading it five times onto my phone and I could not get it to work properly. The paid version is definitively worth having a look at though. It’s a great app for people who are lost on what to do in terms of weight training in the gym. It provides pictures and detailed descriptions of hundreds of exercises, and has exercises divided into muscle groups. It also lets you keep track of your workouts and weight, which is a great tool to have.
Rating: 0 (Free app), Rating: 5 (for $1.99 version)?.

Yours in Health,

Roger Nahas

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