The Great Cardio Debate

Anytime I start training someone, I can always count on them asking me two questions:

1.    How long before I can see my abs?

2.    Should I do my cardio before or after my weight training?

The first question is really dependent on a lot of factors and is a very different response depending on the client.

For the second question, I always stress that my clients do their weight training first and then do cardio. If you do cardio first you tire out your muscles and therefore have less strength and stamina for your weight training. Your muscles will also have less of an ability to contract when performing the exercises so even though you are putting in the same effort, you will have better results doing weight training before cardio.

An even better option is to incorporate circuit type workouts with weight training and quick burst of cardio in between, such as step-ups, jump jacks, or sprints. You can also do multi-muscle exercises that will also raise your heart rate. If you do that effectively for about 45-50 minutes, you can scrap the cardio after and if you really want to kick it up a notch do some cardio sessions in-between weight training days.

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Image courtesy of DVDM.

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