Breakup or Fakeup?

Things got ugly: egos bruised and hearts battered. You and your lady have declared your relationship over…but is it really? So many couples do the on-again / off-again dance that your heartrending breakup may be no more than a genuine fakeup. Here’s how to tell if it’s for real:

The Friends
Breakup: Women typically don’t hold back when talking to friends about their relationships – particularly once they’re over. If a rumour about your stuffed animal fetish surfaces, it’s over.
Fakeup: If you run into her girlfriends and you don’t get the stink eye – or better, they tell you how much they miss you – you’re probably on a break, not broken.

The Sex
Breakup: You’re not having it. Or you are, but she cries afterwards.
Fakeup: You’re doing it frequently – and it’s better than ever. You agree – while cuddling  – that you should really stop sleeping together.

The Stalking
She’s defriended you on Facebook and changed all her passwords – not that you would ever break into her e-mail account.
Fakeup: You’re still together according to her Facebook status – and her daily comments on your photos also seem to indicate as much.

The Scene
She’s absent at social events she knows you’ll attend. Or she contacts you in advance to divvy up parties hosted by mutual friends.
Fakeup: She’s everywhere you are – even events she wouldn’t normally attend. If she wants to see you, she’ll find you. And she’ll probably look hot.

Image courtesy of adonis hunter/ahptical.


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