The World’s Best Ski Gadgets

If you plan to plummet down mountains at irresponsible speeds, it makes sense to be prepared. As we assume you already have some sort of board or planks strapped to your feet, we’ve rustled up everything else you need to make your alpine adventures complete. Here, the best ski gadgets, apps and more.

Satski for iPhone
This is so much more than just a fancy GPS app. Stats geeks will revel in the bevy of information at their fingertips, including speed, distance and altitude tracking. Satski will also beam your co-ordinates to the local ski patrol if that double-black diamond gets the better of you. $9.99

Therm-ic Liionpack Foot Warming System
Even strong men get cold feet. So if wool socks and willpower alone don’t do it, slip these rechargeable packs into your insoles and fine-tune your comfort with a 10-level remote control that will keep you warm for up to 18 hours. $435.99

ATC9K Waterproof Camera
What better way to document landing that new jump (and heighten jealousy of friends and family) than with HD video taken from your very own helmet cam? This waterproof wonder features an array of mounting options making it perfect for all your extreme activities. Comes with two 2GB microSD cards. $299.99

Solomon Ranger Custom Air Helmet (pictured above)
If you’re searching for a helmet that’s not only supremely comfortable but also looks totally rad, nothing beats this beauty. Adjustable air bladders ensure the best possible fit on even the most obtusely shaped domes. $129.99


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