Lumos Bicycle Helmet

How do we make night-time riding safer, aside from dedicated bike lanes? Well, this Lumos bicycle helmet ($100) will probably help. It has lights at the front and back, and it even has turn signals that integrate wirelessly to switches on your handlebars. Oh, and it has a built-in accelerometer, … Read More


Remember the very first Bell Star helmet? It was worn by Dan Gurney in the 1968 Indy 500 (see here). On the one hand, that’s some classic design. On the other hand, age isn’t a big seller in the personal safety gear world. That’s why Bell has revisited and updated … Read More

Munich 90 Collection

To celebrate the BMW Motorads ninetieth anniversary, French helmet makers have released the Munich 90 Collection, a series of helmets ($1,200 each) with a retro feel that pay homage to the legendary German manufacturer—and of course, the colours are references to famous models. We’re fans of the classic blue and … Read More

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