These Rugs Were Made for Walking (on)

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I have talked in the past about how great rug designs prove their worth in anchoring furniture groupings and providing warmth to spaces.

How about rugs as collectibles? Now I’m not talking antique Persian carpets you’re your mom never let you walk on. More and more prominent rug manufacturers are offering a new slant to collectible rugs with contemporary creations by notable designers.

Case in point is the New Era collection of rug designs from Weavers Art of Toronto, which was recently launched at the 2010 Interior Design Show. I was fortunate enough to be included in the group of finalists. The concept, conceived by Johanne Lefrancois-Delgnan of JNSQ Design together with Catherine Shea of Weaver Art, was a challenge to Canadian designers to showcase their stuff. The competition was formally launched last summer in partnership with IDS 2010 and Azure magazine. A panel of judges chose the ten Era designers who were then asked to meet with Michael Pourvakli of Weavers Art to review all design details before the drawings were sent off to Nepal where the rugs were hand-woven in preparation for the recent Interior Design Show.

Each design was different with varying graphic treatments and colour choices.

The rugs will be on display at the Davenport road location of Weavers Art for the next few weeks and will be available to order in limited edition quantities complete with signed certificates of authenticity. You will be buying a not just a rug, but a piece of art that just might be worth something one day. You can check out the collection on the Weavers Art site.

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  1. Why do you find it necessary to diss Persian rugs in order to praise new designs? Persian rugs have centuries of tradition and design smarts behind them. That spells class in my book. Plus, most of them will stand up to many years of rugged wear. Btw, if you think any new rug is going to act like a GIC you can walk on, you’re fooling yourself and others.

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