Where to Buy Jeans in Calgary

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Could there be a more perfect piece of clothing than a pair of jeans? So many of your shirts, sweaters, blazers and shoes would be useless with no jeans; indeed, denim is the linchpin that holds it all together. Here, Calgary’s finest places to buy jeans.

Leo Boutique Fashion
Get your denim education here, with raw denim offerings and crazy heavy 21-ounce pants for those who love punishment. Choose from brands like Montreal-designed Naked & Famous and European labels like Dr. Denim, House of the Gods and People’s Market. From $150. 810 16 Ave. SW, 403-410-9236.

Henry Singer’s spin-off combines the same swish image of its namesake parent company with a younger, hipper attitude. Choose from brands including True Religion, PRPS and Nudie Denim, which recommends that you not wash the pants for six months. This is no time to go commando. From $300. 2115A 4th St. SW, 403-209-5030.

Brooklyn Clothing Company Inc
Brooklyn’s mandate: to get every guy – young hipster or old geek – into a pair of jeans. Brands like Simon Miller and Acme round out the offerings of 20 designer labels, which always include the latest thing to hit Calgary. (Their newest arrival is Nobody). From $200. 201 – 1211 Kensington Rd. NW, 403 283-4006.

Unlimited Blue
This is a great place to nab the high-end look if you’re short on cash. Check out Bauhaus and Black Bull, and a whack of designers that you have heard of – for prices that you haven’t. From $60. 636 – 17th Ave. SW, 403-244-7006.

Image courtesy of Kent Wang.

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