What Women Want: A Gifting Guide for the Holidays

Some women live for the holidays. Others find them commercial and oppressive. Determining where your girlfriend falls on the continuum between these two extremes is the first step in choosing an appropriate gift. Here are some tips for types:

Holiday Hater

She grimaces at cheery music, avoids malls, and is unenthusiastic about the holidays. Never fall into the trap of going gift-less, but a simple present may be all you need. Consider non-traditional gifts like cooking a meal for her, or giving her bike a tune-up.

Holiday Cheerleader
She starts shopping in July and makes decorations. She over-gifts and may be hurt if you don’t match her enthusiasm. Careful! Suss the magnitude of the gift she’s planning for you. (You can’t ask her directly, but learn from the price range she’s using for others. Boyfriends are at least on par with family members, sometimes double.) If she’s planning to bury you in unnecessary gifts, talk about your own less extravagant holiday customs. Finally, at least match her enthusiasm. It eases the embarrassment of unwrapping countless gifts while she’s sitting patiently by with your Scratch-N-Win.

Holiday Ho-Hummer
She grumbles over shopping hordes, but loves hot toddies under mistletoe. She’s in the middle of the holiday continuum. She values thoughtful gifts as much as expensive ones. A favourite photo framed, or that book she mentioned loving as a child will knock her stockings off. The key to getting a thoughtful gift is effort. So starting thinking. Now.

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