What You Missed

This week, our bloggers covered a lot of ground, from the importance of a lounge chair to the, uh, ins and outs of making love to a pregnant woman. Here’s what you missed.

A Man’s Abode
Design guru Roy Banse tells us that if Archie Bunker taught us anything, it’s that a good lounge chair is very, very important. He rounds up his favourites.

The Reluctant Dad
As baby day approaches, Russell Smith offers an honest glimpse into his sex life with his pregnant girlfriend. Because that’s really what guys want to know about.

Renegade Fitness
Nonconformist personal trainer Roger Nahas offers some unexpected advice for runners looking to up their game: Stop running, and focus on these exercises.

Everyday Style

Don’t be a dork, urges style guru Dax Wilkinson. Save the wraparound sports shades for the ski hill or the biking trail. A sophisticated man should wear sophisticated shades.

The Urban Driver
The Audi TT is a zippy, lean and ridiculously fun car, says Steven Bochenek. But most of all, it looks really, really sweet. Read his review.

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