Winter Running Essentials

There’s nothing like the repetitive scenery of an indoor track (or a treadmill) to suck the motivation from even the most enthusiastic runner. And while Canadian winters may not be particularly inviting, with the right gear, yearlong outdoor jogging isn’t merely possible; it’s downright exhilarating. (Unless, that is, it’s –20 C or colder. In that case, hit the gym.) Here, the gear you need to conquer the Canadian winter, one kilometre at a time.

The Top
Start with three layers: a synthetic base to wick away moisture (like Running Room’s Fit-Wear Next To Skin), an insulating layer to keep in the heat (like Salomon’s Midlayer), and a lightweight shell (like the North Face Prolix) to slice through the wind.

The Bottom
A thick pair of running pants (like New Balance’s Thermal Pant) should suffice, though you can wear jogging pants, too, if necessary. Just don’t leave what’s hangin’ hangin’: Wear a wind brief for added protection.

The Extremities
Conceal yourself with a balaclava: The less exposed skin the better. Hands should have mittens (like these from MEC), and feet should have hearty socks (like SmartWool). Your regular running shoes are fine, unless it’s particularly icy, in which case, ice grippers (like YakTrax) will do the trick.

The Flesh
Cold wind cracks lips fast, so always keep lip balm on hand (like Burt’s Bees. Skin should be kept moisturized, too (with Body Glide – because the only thing worse than having a shirt that chafes you is having pants that chafe you, too.

Image courtesy of ascaro41.

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