10 Things I Wish You Knew About Me

They say women are a confusing breed. In conversations with my girlfriends, we’ve agreed, almost universally: We’re confusing, in part, because there’s a whole bunch of information we wish guys knew, but that we just don’t want to tell them. And so, in the spirit of full disclosure, the top 10 things I, and surely all women, wish you knew.

1. I’m usually disappointed when you don’t take control and make the first move.

2. I have faked orgasms.

3. I need to hear — not sense, or guess, or infer, but actually hear — how you feel about me. Often.

4. Even if you tell me how you feel about me, I want you to show it by planning the occasional fancy date, weekend getaway or giving me a thoughtful gift.

5. I really do need foreplay to make sex successful for both of us.

6. Telling me to ‘calm down’ is a really effective way of making me act more irrational.

7. It upsets me when it seems like you don’t want to hold my hand in public.

8. I do want you to sleep over. Don’t pose the question to me if you don’t want to.

9. You don’t need to shower before we get into bed together. I like it when you’re sweaty.

10. Don’t buy me chocolates or sweets as gifts. I either won’t eat them, or will resent you for tempting me with them.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish You Knew About Me”

  1. Hmmm, if this post shows something, it shows that women (if they are like the writer) as not only confused breed, but as well extremely self-centric that naturally bring the question, why should I, as the male, care for such a breed? For sex? Well, sleep with her and then next….

    In fact that applies to most of the post of XX on XY… They sound like a school to educate men how to please confused (as per the writer words) and self-centric women. It makes me wonder, and think of women as, who the hell you think you are? Earth does not revolve around you; in fact nothing revolves around you. if you don’t know, or don’t want to face it… you are just another fish in an ocean (think 7 billion population of the planet), and there is nothing that is unique about you, all this brain wash about every women is a different case is bad joke, as all women behaviour falls within few variations of few patterns (refer to the 10 top things above!) in fact that uniqueness is just bestowed on you by the man who want to please you for either he loves you or want to sleep with you … so I wonder when women who think like this post above will wake up to the reality and start nurturing their humanity instead of their ego?

  2. This is a very good list, especially #3. Except for #10. Saying don’t buy me chocolate or whatever is wrong and to my mind, what totally frustrates men when it comes to women. For me, anytime a guy tries to please me, I am pleased. The operative word here being “tries.” There are no hard and fast rules about what pleases a woman and if a guy gives it a shot, I will be happy. Any woman who resents a guy for buying her a gift is a spoiled brat who should be ditched immediately.

  3. Wow.
    Can I just say, as a “self-centric” woman, I am so very thankful to have gained perspective on my own silly irrationalities! Syd, you are brilliant! How did I go on without this eye-opening advice. I really never had thought of the “7 billion population of the planet.” I am jealous of all of the lucky women who have had the chance to be with you, even if only for one night. I’m off to nurture my humanity!

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