Wunderbar Wunderwear

Naked Boxer Briefs
These stylishly fitted underwear are number one. Made with refined Italian microfibre that supercedes the need for a chunky elastic waist band (which can snap back), Nakeds seamlessly hug the male body. It really is as though you’re wearing nothing at all.

Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs
Appropriately named, these otherwise contrary-sounding “boxer briefs”: Saxx Ultras are manly underwear designed for those needing some support. With two parallel side panels of breathable, flexible mesh, you’ll feel fresh all day. Better still: They’re sexy numbers that look great on the body.

Those who wish to get colourful with their underchoices should be sure to stay tasteful. Sloggi underwear come in fun colours, such as the striped fabrics in the “men’s beat” line, and stand up to wash after wash, ensuring kaleidoscopic comfort and cleanliness.

Calvin Klein
The classic, no-nonsense approach to covering your privates: Calvin Klein’s wide selection of boxers, trunks and briefs is the world’s best-known for a reason that transcends mere dimensional variety: well-above-average quality for a reasonable price.

For those who want to everything from sporty undies to g-strings, HOM has a pair for you. The Cadillac pair is for automotive enthusiasts, its fabric covered in cars, perhaps targeting those who miss similar designs from their childhood; the Fredy line offers a comfortable g-string for those afraid of panty lines (yes, gentlemen can get them, too). Established in France in 1968, this underwear has stood the test of time.

NOTE: All brands listed fall in average price range $40.

Image courtesy of Ode to the Ordinary.


2 thoughts on “Wunderbar Wunderwear”

  1. $40 for a pair of undies? I know I’m kinda frugal but I’d expect a pair of jeans or a shirt for that amount of money.

    Underwear’s a functional item. Unless you’re an underwear model or you’re trying to pick up partners in the locker room, it’s not really something that you’re using to make yourself look more attractive. As long as it’s comfortable it’s fine.

  2. Actually, there’s often a bit of a ‘get what you pay for’ quality to underwear. Within reason, at least. You can often feel a difference. Not that everyone can afford that price per the amount of underwear the average guy needs.

    Speaking of which, didn’t DailyXY partner with some mens underwear company once along time ago to give away free stuff in sweepstakes? If you ever have any kind of sweepstake again,useful prizes like that are the way to go.

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