• Incel
    Misogynistic Community Known As ‘Incels’ Explained
    Noelle Talmon, April 25, 2018
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The $162 Workout: Legs and Abs

Next up in the $162 home gym workout: legs, abs and cardio intervals. For this workout, all you need is the resistance band and skipping rope. Enjoy. Jump Squats With feet parallel and shoulder width apart, slowly ease into the bottom of a squat. At the lowest point in the … Read More

Three Things Nobody Knows About Steak

We at DailyXY don’t just eat steak; we worship it. Which is why it pains us to see so many steak-loving men walking around with great misconceptions about the dish. Herewith, three things most guys don’t know about steak. Dry-Aged Rules There are two ways to age a steak: dry … Read More

A Seductive Sedan: The 2009 Audi A6 3.0T S Line

Like most imported performance sedans, the Audi 6 3.0T quattro is conservatively dressed, disguising its muscle. You look like an avuncular diplomat driving it, but just breath hard on the pedal and you’re king of the road. The Drive Get the A6 out on some winding roads, then play with … Read More

The Joy of Text

Once upon a time, when a man wanted to ask out a woman, he would call her on the telephone and ask. Now, his proposal comes in the form of a “What r u up 2 2nite?” Indeed, the most ungentlemanly modes of communication – text messaging – has become … Read More

The Rugs Don’t Work. Yet Sometimes They Do.

Rugs are like bad relationships: In the beginning, they get lots of attention, but over time, they tend to be forgotten. Eventually, they just get walked all over. When designing rooms, I put ample effort into choosing wood or stone flooring and often overlook rugs as a design element. Yet … Read More

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