• Why Bed and Breakfasts are Hell
    Russell Smith, October 18, 2006
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Livescribe Smartpen and Notepad

So we can’t be James Bond, drive his cars, live in his palatial lofts or kick some serious bad-guy ass, but there are some 007-esque gadgets within our mere mortal budgets. One such device is Livescribe’s Smartpen. The smartpen is more than just a scribe’s aid – it actually records your notes as you jot them down. As a writer,

Let’s Be Frank: The AGO’s New Resto

Let’s Be Frank: The AGO’s New Resto

New Yorker writer Peter De Vries famously said that the artwork in restaurants is usually as bad as the food in museums. The Art Gallery of Ontario aims to turn this notion on its head with FRANK, a new restaurant opening on Friday along with the rest of the gallery, fresh off a $276-million Frank Gehry-designed renovation. Unlike its predecessor,

Non-Spanish Tapas in Montreal

A few weeks back, we brought you the city’s finest Spanish tapas joints. Thankfully, the trend of small-plate eating has grown to encompass more cuisines, all of which plays into that “whole variety is the spice of life” mantra. Herewith, our favourite spots to expand the tapas palate. Chez le portugais Specializing in petiscos, the Portuguese equivalent of tapas, seafood

The First Kiss Matters Most

The first kiss is the deal breaker. Most women have decided in the first five minutes of meeting you whether or not they would sleep with you. If we won’t, the signs are pretty clear: we won’t make much eye contact and will avoid physical contact at all costs. If we possibly would? That first kiss can very quickly send

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