A Dude’s Adventure in the French Alps

The French Alps isn’t just for skiing – though it is the world’s premiere ski destination. It can also be a place where you can enjoy a variety of spring/summer/fall fun, with the backdrop of stunning mountains. Imagine yourself hiking in pristine forest, pedalling an electric bike through the steep … Read More

Vancouver’s Best Mountain Biking

Get a great workout and day’s worth of adrenaline by hurling yourself down a mountain on two wheels. Here, Vancouver’s best mountain biking trails. Burnaby Mountain Warm up on the Gear Jammer before throwing yourself down Nicole’s Trail. Expect narrow routes and natural obstacles like roots – and rabbits. After … Read More

Downhill Delirium: Mountain Biking in Calgary

Though you’ve retired your skis or snowboard for the summer, you can still look to the mountains for your summer adrenaline fix. Careening down steep pitches can be a year-round activity; all you need are two wheels, a helmet and balls of steel. Herewith, Calgary’s top mountain biking spots. Canada … Read More

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