• Shoreline
    Leg Found In BC Belonged To Missing Washington Man
    Noelle Talmon, February 22, 2018
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The Dive Watch Roundup

Few accessories combine elegance with sporty cool as masterfully as the dive watch. The prices may not be supremely recession-friendly, but we’re talking about a future heirloom here. Invest in one this summer, and wear it often – even if you’re spending more time in flip-flops than flippers. We present … Read More

How to (Really) Quit Smoking

Like sea monkeys, the Village People and leisure suits, smoking is just not cool anymore. Still, more than five million Canadians continue to suck back cancer sticks on the regular. Why don’t they quit? Perhaps it’s because conventional approaches – the patch, the gum, old-fashioned willpower – are just too … Read More

The Secret to Running Faster

With the good weather finally here, there are many runners coming out of hibernation. Every runner wants to either improve their speed or increase their distance, and often, the way they go about that is just by running more. But that’s not going to do it. Working the core is actually … Read More

A Lean Machine: The 2009 Audi TT

TT stands for Tourist Trophy, after an old series of races on the British Isles. But ‘Trophy’ summarizes things neatly with this car, the 2009 Audi TT 2.0T Quattro Coupe. The Drive Low, just 1352mm tall, the TT thrills with a front-row sensation of speed. Despite near record-breaking snowfalls during … Read More

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