• Why Bed and Breakfasts are Hell
    Russell Smith, October 18, 2006
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Leave the Primping to Us

It’s hard enough as a woman to set aside time for manicures, pedicures and waxes, not to mention the finances necessary to support these endeavours in addition to the price of make-up and haircuts. But, we do these things, social conditioning or not, to feel good and feminine about ourselves. But it’s even harder as a woman if you men


For the continuation of Red Wine 201, Merlot, a smooth, easy-drinking “red fruit festival” of a grape, seems a good choice. It’s popular, delicious, and it’ll help us question the idea of terroir. Chateau Pétrus, from the Pomerol appellation of Bordeaux, for example, is mostly crafted from Merlot. Although ordinary wine has long been produced here, this fabulous one has

Calgary’s Hidden Gems: Part One

Dubbed Calgary’s “Village in the City” by the area’s website, find Kensington nestled along the Bow River in the N.W. With three or four main streets lined with all manner of shops, you can easily stroll around the “village” in an afternoon – we suggest a sunny Saturday with a cup of java and your favourite girl. Here’s a few suggestions

Sweet Spring

For fans of peace, love and Bob Marley, spring time is the right time for long days filled with very, very little. If the tam-tam scene isn’t quite the right beat but you’re looking for some simple pleasures, then try some of the following activities — our favourite ways to enjoy a chilled out spring day. The Jean-Talon Market The

Dear Married Man

Dear Married Man, Our eyes met across the dance floor, you had a killer smile. I was on the prowl with my girl friend, Lisa. I raised my glass to toast you. Then you raised your glass to me. As you did, the light bounced right off your hand and blinded me. Nice wedding ring. Good-bye forever. To me, a

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