• Foreigner
    Foreigner To Release Orchestral Live Album In April
    Noelle Talmon, February 23, 2018
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Bluetooth Headsets: Not Just for Douchebags Anymore!

It’s sad but true: Sometime in the past few years, the Bluetooth headset became a must-have accessory for douchebags everywhere. Sad, because the earpiece is actually a useful gadget, especially now that provinces across Canada are cracking down on drivers’ cell phone use. It’s time to give these headsets another … Read More

Montreal: Nuit Blanche Preview

Nearly a week of the Montreal Highlights Festival has passed, yet you’re still hibernating? Good work. You might just have enough energy for Nuit Blanche, Saturday’s all-night art smorgasbord. Here’s a roundup of some of the evening’s many, many outrageous offerings. Circus, hold the freaks: Paris’s famed Worldwide Festival of … Read More

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