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    Are You Concerned About Your Partner’s Financial Habits?
    Noelle Talmon, February 25, 2018
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The Batavus Favoriet

We are avid cyclists at DailyXY. But we are also partisans of elegant dressing and like to show up at events oil stain-free, and preferably without our trousers bunched into our socks. This is why we were enthusiastic about test-riding the classic, old-fashioned, upright Dutch clunker called the Batavus Favoriet. … Read More

More Dangerous Than a Mine Field

Given a choice between buying your lady lingerie and attempting to pick your way through an active mine field, I’d go with option two: far less dangerous. However, if brave enough, and armed with the proper intelligence, not only can you conquer your fear of women’s underthing shopping, you can … Read More

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