Chic Ink: Toronto’s Newest Tattoo Parlour

The newest vanity-play place for beautiful urbanites has just opened its chic black doors (not coincidentally, we think, across the street from the members-only Spoke Club and the strip of King West where high-end restaurants gather to breed). Black Line Studio is a tattoo parlour unlike any other, and – judging by the tans and heels at the launch party

Why Sex is the Best Medicine

A recent medical study says that frequent sex is the equivalent, on the happiness scale, of an extra $50,000 a year in income. Which got us thinking, what are the other benefits of getting laid as often as possible? We’ve compiled our findings here in a handy list of ten reasons to have sex – a lot. As if we

Where to Get Drunk On Dundas West

At XYYZ, we never tire of talking about our favourite bars – or drinking in them. And we will go on doing that: we will update you on the mood of the city’s various quarters, area by area. We may never get to them all, but for you, loyal reader, we will try. So here’s our first installment: the outposts

Where to Go on the Toronto Waterfront

You read so much about our blighted Gardiner-isolated waterfront, you might think there’s nothing to do there but watch the sweaty rollerbladers pant past. Aside from that, you might think, well, there’s The Docks, and nobody knows anybody who has ever had a good time there. What’s a guy to do? Behold, a few Toronto waterfront gems you might be

Hot Shaves in Toronto

For some guys, a hot lather shave elicits thoughts of Frank Sinatra prone in a barber chair, discussing the latest mob hit with steaming towels soothing his face. Other guys think of those movies our big brothers would loan us as teenagers. But we’re discussing the former: The classic barbershop hot shave. A hot lather shave doesn’t just feel great.

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