Burt Reynolds Omitted Son From His Will

Burt Reynolds, who died earlier this month, left his niece in charge of executing his will instead of his only child. The actor signed the will in 2011, which names niece Nancy Lee Brown Hess as the representative of his estate, according to media reports. Hess will control Reynolds’ possessions … Read More

Empty Lobby

Canadian Employers Are Struggling To Recruit Talent

More than 40 percent of Canadian employers find it difficult to fill jobs, specifically for skilled trade labourers (electricians, welders, mechanics), sales representatives, and drivers, according to a new survey by the ManpowerGroup, a workforce solutions company. Engineers and technicians round out the top five hardest roles to fill. While … Read More

AI Robots

Robots Learn To Be Racist And Sexist

If you think all robots are impartial and nonjudgmental, think again. A new study published in Scientific Reports finds that they could possibly be racist and sexist just like humans. Using thousands of simulations, a group of artificial intelligence experts from Cardiff University and MIT examined how robots identified each … Read More

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