wine before bed

Consuming Red Wine Before Bed Could Help You Lose Weight

Over the years there have been studies about the benefits of drinking a moderate amount of wine, and now there’s another good reason to have a glass of Merlot each night. Recent studies by Washington State University and Harvard Medical School concluded that having two glasses of wine before going … Read More


A New Billionaire Is Made Every 2 Days, Oxfam Reports

The uber-wealthy keep getting richer, and the income gap continues to rise. In 2018, billionaires’ wealth increased 12 percent or the equivalent of $2.5 billion a day. In contrast, those who represent the poorest part of society experienced an 11 percent decrease in wealth, according to a new report from … Read More

Lego Money Man

Study Finds LEGOs Are More Valuable Than Gold

You may want to think twice before donating that old box of LEGOs. The children’s toy is more valuable than gold, according to Russia’s Higher School of Economics. LEGO investments do better than large stocks, bonds, gold, and other investments. People have a lot of nostalgia for the interlocking pieces, … Read More

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