Rapide Saddlebag

Why choose synthetic fibre when you can have leather? We’ve always said that. That’s why we like this Rapide saddlebag ($60). It straps right under your seat, which is nicely out of the way. It also comes with a little tool roll, which holds and organises anything you’d need out … Read More


Here’s one pain in the butt thing about riding a bike: what to do with your helmet. We don’t always have a bag big enough to store it, we’re not always going somewhere  with adequate helmet storage (like the office), and we’d rather not carry it around everywhere, like a … Read More


Space is at a premium in your garage, and putting your bike on the ceiling liberates space. The Flat-Bike-Lift ($320) is a hydro-pneumatic bike rack that makes this concept a little easier. You load your bike, give the rack a little touch, and it folds up to the ceiling. Handy, … Read More

Endo Bicycle Storage

Man, talk about a simple and attractive solution. You need space, you need bicycle storage, your garage, shed, or mud room has a spare wall—here’s the Endo ($70), solution to all your problems. Well, all your bike storage problems.

Kul Rex Bike Bag

Favour a messenger bag? Ride your bike to work? Well, now those two things are together at last. The Kul Rex Bike Bag ($340) is specially designed to hand from your frame, and it looks really cool to boot.

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