The DailyXY Guide to Chicago

Ah, Chicago. It’s like Toronto, except with a better waterfront, nicer architecture, and way more murders. But as long as you avoid the south side, you can partake in all the great food and culture the Midwest’s’ mecca has to offer. Where to Sleep If you’re just in your hotel … Read More


Want to give your devices some personality? And by ‘devices’, we mean Macbooks, Xboxes, Galaxies, PS3s, iPhones, Kindles, and more. Pick up a skin or case from Skinit. Like Batman? They’ve got you covered. The Blackhawks? Check. Star Wars? Oh yes. Boarderlands 2? Yep. Masters of the Universe? Bafflingly, yes. … Read More

Stephen A Smith is a Loud Idiot

You know what ESPN human megaphone Stephen A Smith hates? Ties in hockey. There haven’t been ties in hockey in years, but that didn’t stop Smith from abrasively whining about them: [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] “THIS IS STEPHEN A SMITH HERE. I TOTALLY RESPECT YOU, BUT LET ME DEGRADE YOU ON NATIONAL … Read More

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