Cleverbot Makes a Movie

[youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence that “learns” by chatting with humans. It’s been around for awhile now and the best use for it we’ve found is informing the talkative A.I. that you’re not it’s buddy, friend. That is until up-and-coming filmmaker Chris R. Wilson decided to collaborate with … Read More

A Military Evaluation of the Battle of Hoth

Further evidence of the Empire’s shortsighted application of military technology can be observed in the realistic simulator Shadows of the Empire for Nintendo 64, where the player defeats Vader’s most fearsome and advanced terrestrial war machines by tripping them with a hovering tow truck. [Inside the Battle of Hoth – … Read More

Nicolas Cage: Hirsute Throughout History

The beard Nicolas Cage has grown for some movie called Joe has been setting the internet alight, but this isn’t the first time Cage has grown some weird hair on his face for the sake of art or, possibly, vanity. Witness: “Young” Nicolas Cage (c. 1980s) In the mid-1980s, young Nicolas … Read More

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