The Jennifer Lawrence Show

In the wake of Hollywood’s Weekend of Various and Sundry Awards, there are remarkably few things you need to know. 1. Ben Affleck thanked Canada for helping him win Best Picture. 2. The Onion felt remorse after calling a 9-year-old girl a name typically reserved for 18th-century German philosophers. 3. Seth … Read More

Cleverbot Makes a Movie

[youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence that “learns” by chatting with humans. It’s been around for awhile now and the best use for it we’ve found is informing the talkative A.I. that you’re not it’s buddy, friend. That is until up-and-coming filmmaker Chris R. Wilson decided to collaborate with … Read More

Old Men and the Grammys

No, the Grammys aren’t broken because [insert Chris Brown anything]. Complaining about the Grammys is perennial and inevitable, because the structure of the award giving, which is flawed, is also etched in stone: the representatives of yesteryear weighing in on the acts of today. The systemic issues in the Grammy … Read More

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