Mixologist: Kyushu Cosmo

It’s World Sake Day this October 1—the date having to do with the fact that it’s the start of the sake brewing season—so why not celebrate with a cocktail courtesy of Michael Tremblay over at ki modern Japanese? Ingredients 1 oz. Moonlight shochu .5 oz. plum sake 1 oz. cranberry … Read More

Mixologist: Kyoto Sour

This delectable sake cocktail comes to us courtesy of Elio Zannoni and Michael Tremblay, the head chef and head sake sommelier, respectively, over at ki modern Japanese + bar, which has locations in Calgary and Toronto. If you’re still looking for a spot for your Valentine’s day dinner, they’re offering a special … Read More

Mixologist: Samurai’s Addition

Looking for something to warm you up with winter? Well, we’re big fans of sake, and there’s no better way to fight the winter blues than with this innovative sake cocktail from Ki Modern Japanese’s own sake sommelier, Michael Tremblay. Ingredients 2 oz. warm Kagatobi Gokkan Junmai Sake .75 oz. … Read More

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