Quentin Tarantino

Hype Builds For Tarantino Film Starring DiCaprio, Pitt

Quentin Tarantino and Leonardo DiCaprio made a surprise appearance at CinemaCon 2018 in Las Vegas to promote the filmmaker’s upcoming project, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It’s the first time Tarantino talked publicly about the movie. Brad Pitt will star alongside DiCaprio in the film, which Sony Pictures revealed … Read More

Banksy’s Pulp Fiction

You don’t have to wait for Banksy to visit a wall near you to snag one of the elusive artists works. Pulp Fiction ($ – inquire) is one of 150 silkscreen on paper pieces, and is signed and numbered (you’re looking at number thirty-one). The price isn’t listed, but expect … Read More

Crazy Casting Calls

Dozens of intangible factors go into creating a blockbuster film. Last-minute script rewrites, budget cuts, expensive sets destroyed by tropical weather, directors being fired or walking off the set — any of these have impacted the biggest box-office disasters (and sometimes, successes) in film history. Above that group, though, is … Read More

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