The Next Step in Video Games: Augmented Reality

Have you ever wanted to play video games in your living room, literally? Like, have the actual game take place in your home? Well according to Tech Crunch, the video game company Dekko is very close to making that happen with their latest game, Tabletop Racer.

The game uses augmented reality, which means it overlays virtual information over real world objects. This gives the game the ability to place virtual characters on your own dinner table, for example. Dekko’s game is for the iPad and has players hold their tablets over any surface. Once the area is scanned, players can race tiny cars around the surface you selected and interact with the environment as if the cars were actually there. Players can race other people and see their opponents cars on their iPad as well.

You can find the trailer for Dekko’s latest game here. The possibilities for augmented reality are endless and we hope we can watch Mario jump over our cereal boxes in the near future.


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