BBQ Donut

We know how it is: you and nine of your closest friends want to be on the lake, but not swimming, and not in the sun, and not in a speedboat or houseboat, and also with some burgers, and also a grill to cook the burgers. And you want some lights for when it gets dark out. And storage for beer, charcoal, and more burgers.

Tall order? It used to be. Now, you can have all of those things with the BBQ Donut ($32,000). It even has a little outboard motor and moulded place settings, so that you and your buddies can putter around the lake while you grill burgers. Don’t drink and putter, though; that’s illegal in Canada, and you don’t want your name in the news over a drinking and floating burger-boat accident. That nonsense will get picked up from here to Bombay and follow you to your grave.

This is a test