The Driving Simulator to End Driving Simulators

If you want to enjoy the charms of driving, but don’t have a car or if you don’t trust the skills of other drivers on the road, you’re options are pretty limited. You can get a copy of Gran Turismo, or you can travel to Lyon, France and experience the I-Way driving simulator.

A ten minute drive on their Formula One simulator costs 90 euros, and prices only go up from there. There are also rally car simulators and something I-Way calls the Proto Endurance race which simulates 24 hour races.

According to CNET, the simulators are pretty realistic. You step into an actual car frame and are hoisted in the air through hydraulics, to replicate all the twists in turns that happen in real life driving.

But for a plane ticket to Lyon and for a couple of hours on the simulator, maybe you should just get a real car.

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