Contact Lenses That Give You Telescopic Vision

A DARPA military project aimed at enhancing the vision of soldiers has led to contact lenses that can give wearers telescopic vision. According to CNET, researchers believe these contact lenses can help people suffering from macular degeneration and other eye problems.

The contact lenses are 1 mm thick and are outfitted with tiny mirrors that work as magnifiers. Those mirrors can magnify human vision 2.8x, similar to a sniper rifle scope.

But wearers won’t have the problem of bumping into near things while being able to see that red light five miles away. The contact lenses switch between regular and telescopic vision when wearers pop on a pair of modified glasses.

Unfortunately, the contact lens have only been tested by computer modelling and a mechanical eye. But researchers hope they can put them on some human eyeballs soon.

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